October Events at MRBBA

Upcoming Events at MRBBA

Fall Schedule – Tues and Thurs -All Classes Start at 5:30 PM
Saturdays – 9 AM

Friday – Oct 3 – 6 PM – Black Belt Review (Forms)

Mondays – Basic Judo – 6 PM -7 PM ($60)
(Sept 9,16,23,30, Oct 7,14)

Wednesdays – Advanced TKD Forms – 6 PM -7 PM ($60)
(Sept 11,18,25, Oct 1,9,16)

Thursday – Oct 23 – Testing and Graduation (5:30-7:30 PM)
(Must have 16 classes to promote)

Saturday – Oct 25 – Fall Tournament
(Sparring, Forms, Board Breaking*, Ssirum, Flag Sparring)
*Bring at least 3 Wooden Boards
Professional Portraits

Note: Please register on line at http://www.ILoveMRBBA.com for all events

Upcoming Events at MRBBA – Fall 2014

Fall Schedule – Tues and Thurs -All Classes Start at 5:30 PM
Saturdays – 9 AM

Friday – Sept 5 – 6 PM – Black Belt Review (Self Defense)

Mondays – Basic Judo – 6 PM -7 PM ($60)
(Sept 9,16,23,30, Oct 7,14)

Wednesdays – Advanced TKD Forms – 6 PM -7 PM ($60)
(Sept 11,18,25, Oct 1,9,16)

Friday – Sep 12 – 6-7:30 PM – Back to School Party
Fun and Games – Pot Luck – Bring a Friend – Free!

Friday – Sept 19 – 6-7:30 PM – Master MacKay Seminar – Free!
“The Natural Movement and Weaponization of the Body”

Thursday – Oct 23 – Test and Graduation

Saturday – Oct 25 – Fall Tournament

Note: Please register on line at http://www.MRBBA.com for all events

Special Events Week of Sept 8th at MRBBA

Next week at MRBBA will be full of Learning and Fun

In addition the regularly scheduled classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we have three Special Events.

Monday, 6PM – 7PM Basic Judo – Learn some basic throws and hold down, plus the importance of Balance and Breathing. This will really come in handy during the Grappling portion of the Fall Tournament. Only $60 for six classes.

Wednesday, 6PM-7PM- Traditional TKD Forms – Master Randall will teach the forms that he competed and medaled in at the World Championships. Impress the judges at the Fall Tournament. Only $60 for six classes.

Friday, 6PM-730 – Back to School Party – Fun and Games for the whole Family and Friends. Free!

Please Register on line at http://www.mrbba or come a little early to register.

New Referral Program at MRBBA

Students and Parents
It has long been known that
It is more fun to practice with our friends and
Referrals make some of our best students
We have a new, expanded Referral Program at Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy.
Not only will you earn a Victory patch and a green stripe for bringing a friend to class, but now you can earn a financial credit towards your training.
Here is how it works:
Bring a friend to attend class with you and you will receive a $50 credit towards gear, training tools or tuition.
When your friend joins, you will receive another $50 credit.
Note: The referral must be a new guest and, if under 18, their parents must also be present.
VIP referral cards are available at our office. Our current trial membership special is two classes for $19.95.
If your guest presents the card with your name on it, they will get the two classes free.
Fall is a great time to start training, so invite all your friends to join us to have some fun, get a great workout and learn some Martial Arts skills.

New Stripe Program at MRBBA

New Stripe Program 2014
We have revised our Stripe system at MRBBA
Yellow – Goal Stripe – Each student should set goals for improvement each month. Personal, Martial Art, and School/Work Goals. Download your goal sheet off the MRBBA web site. Students will be awarded their Yellow stripe when they notify the instructor they have completed a goal.
Green – Community Service Stripe – We encourage all our students to perform Community Service. Helping others is part of good citizenship. Volunteering time/work or simply bringing a guest will earn you a Green Stripe. Please bring in or email an image so we can post it and award your stripe.
Blue – Black Belt Attitude Stripe – Instructors will reward students who show superior Black Belt Attitude during class with a Blue Stripe when they are well-deserved.
Red – Test Registration Stripe – Students will be awarded a Red Stripe when they complete their Test Registration on line.
Note: Under the new system only the Red stripe is “Reguired” for promotion. The other stripes will designate students with superior Black Belt and Leadership qualities and habits.
Stripes will be awarded during class by the instructor based on merit.

2014 Fall Class Schedule

Dear Students,

Our Fall semester begins Tuesday, September 2nd, and the class schedule is finally ready.

A copy is attached here for your fridge, and the calendar on our website has been updated.

Class Schedule 2014-Semester 5

Most of what you need to know is included in the attached schedule.

We have a great selection of topics this fall in classes as well as a few extras.

A few highlights…

Summer uniforms…will extend through the end of September, but remember to wear dress uniforms for special events.  Master MacKay’s seminar is a good example of a dress uniform event.  KwanJang-Nim and Sabum Paltrineri have authorized summer uniforms in their Fall seminar series.

T-Shirts…end of the season sale on summer uniform tops begins now through September.  Regular price is $15 – 50% off until 9/30/14.  Order online.  Pick up at MRBBA.

If you have any questions, please email our office at Dover@mrbba.com or speak with Sabum Paltrineri when you come to class.

The Journey

The journey to Black Belt and beyond is not an easy one. There are many roadblocks, distractions, and set backs along the way. But for those students who keep there eyes on the prize, and persevere through the ups and downs, the reward is well worth the trip.

Greatness can only be achieved through sacrifice. If it were easy to earn a black belt, then everyone would have one, and it would meaningless. There are very few guarantees in life. This much I will guarantee you…come to class every week, train hard, and you will earn your black belt. It may take longer or shorter than others, but with continued effort, focus, trust in our staff, and belief in yourself, you will earn it.

I can also guarantee that if you give up on yourself, lose sight of your long-term goals, quit when the going gets rough, then you will earn nothing in life. This is one of life’s toughest lessons – perseverance is the key to success and survival. Those who understand this lesson are the winners and heroes we celebrate. Those who quit under pressure are the forgotten losers. Harsh words. Undeniable truth.

For those who have achieved their black belts, we solute you and welcome you to an elite club. For those working hard to earn this honor, we are here to help you and support you on your journey. For those who may have lost your way, we invite you get back on the road to black belt and will help you in any way we can. It is never too late to get started or to get back on track.

33 years in training this July
Still a student on the journey