Black Belt Test – 12/4

IMG_4804We have it confirmed, there will be a Black Belt Test on Friday, December 4th, 2015 beginning at 5pm at 4 Broadway, Dover, NH.

Gabriella Whisnant is the only candidate testing this time around and she could use some support as she tests for her 1st Dan.

We need black belts on the judging panel and partners for sparring and self-defense.

If all goes well, the graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at 530pm at 4 Broadway, Dover, NH.

Let me know if you can assist with the testing.



28 Years!

28-clip-art34 years ago in July of 1981 I started training in TaeKwonDo, and it changed my life.

30 years ago in March of 1985 I earned my First Degree Black Belt and started teaching. Big Thanks to Norman Bates, my first instructor, and all the other fantastic black belt mentors who helped an uncoordinated, short, and skinny teenager become stronger and more confident.

30 years ago, as a Junior at UNH, I adopted a small TaeKwonDo club, ran it 4 nights per week, and started my first business. Shout out to Bob Shea, who left me about 25 students and moved to Florida.

And…28 years ago this month in 1987, the year I graduated from UNH, Dick Perrault and I opened the academy full-time in Dover. We had almost no money and big dreams. From the meager beginnings to becoming one of the largest academies in New Hampshire, to being semi-retired from teaching, it has been a wild ride.

While I have decided to reduce the academy to just 2 nights and less than 20 students this year for personal reasons, it continues to be one of my favorites activities. The current plan is to continue training and teaching for at least 100 more years (no joke). If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

I am so happy and grateful for the wonderful people in my life who have been my martial arts friends, mentors, instructors, students, and employees over the past 34 years. Martial arts training has changed my life and, together with my faith in Christ, continues to be the foundation upon which everything else is based. What my training has taught me and brought me can never be measured in money.

1984 demonstration at the Newington Mall. Me as a red belt breaking boards with ball-of-the-foot turning kick.

1984 demonstration at the Newington Mall. Me as a red belt breaking boards with ball-of-the-foot turning kick (dollyo chagi). Norman Bates squatting on the right, Mark Newton and Jon Palais holding boards. BTW, I think that’s 2-inch pine??

Pepper Spray Training Class

pepper-spray-preparedLadies! This is for you. Learn the proper techniques for using pepper spray and get one to take home in this fun and interactive class.

For just $30 you will have expert training by Master Matt Randall and a pepper sprayer to take home with you.

In this class, you will learn how to draw, aim, and fire accurately.  Many people think its easy and obvious… but, until you are under pressure and practice the techniques with a ‘training canister’, you don’t fully understand the challenges involved. Master Randall will help you get the practice you need to be totally confident with your pepper spray protection product.

Get ready for the Quick Draw challenge and the 21 Foot challenge.

If you already have your own, bring it with you and get another as a spare to keep at home or in the car.  Other products will be available as well.


For more information about pepper spray products, kubotans, and stun guns, please contact Michelle Morrow at 603-581-6828.

Pepper Spray Training

6 Dirty Tricks

6 Dirty Tricks

A Parent/Child Safety and Self-Defense Class



Picture this…it’s a beautiful fall day and you are taking your 2 young children to the annual fall festival in the park when suddenly a stranger approaches and demands that you give him your purse. What would you do?

You finally get some free time to spend 609568230-kicking-catching-son-ball-object
playing ball with your child in the park when a stranger approaches, flashes a knife, and asks you hand over your wallet or he will hurt your child. What would you do?


You’re watching a movie with your children late on a Saturday night when you hear the sound of breaking glass in the kitchen and the door opening. What would you do?

Each of these situations is dangerous and frightening, especially when you have children to protect, but they are not unusual. Your best option in self-defense is always to get away quickly, but that’s not easy when you have children to protect.

The latest FBI statistics for NH (2013) show that there were 22 murders, 686 rapes, 649 robberies, and 1492 assaults. Your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in NH are 1 in 465. In Dover, your chances are 1 in 623.


Master Randall has been teaching self-defense and family safety for over 30 years. In this special class for parents and their children, he will show you 6 DIRTY TRICKS to protect your family and get away fast.

This class will be fun and non-threatening for the children while teaching 6 easy techniques anyone can use when approached by a criminal.

Date:   Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Time:             530-630pm

Location: 4 Broadway, Dover, NH 03820

Fee:     $10 per family  REGISTER HERE

Bring: Dress comfortably and bring your children with you

Intruder Safety Class

Originally posted on 4 Broadway Dover, NH: is please to host another important safety program.

home-invasionNicole Marcin (from Damsels in Defense) has teamed up with Matt Randall (Martial Arts Master) for a course in Intruder Safety and Awareness.

This course is for women only and will focus on keeping yourself safe at home.

Learn to use simple tools such as pepper spray, kobutans, and stun guns to ward off a potential attacker and get to safety.

For more information, visit the event on Facebook at

The fee for the class is:
$25 You bring your own kubotan or pepper spray (we will be using inert canisters of spray though)
$30 Will include either kubotan or pepper spray
Payments must be made in advance to secure spot.

Contact Nicole to arrange for payments at 603-841-0443.

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Martial Arts Instructors Wanted

instructor_picMatt Randall’s Black Belt Academy is now hiring Dynamic, High-Energy Karate/Self-Defense Instructors in Dover, NH!

We are seeking enthusiastic candidates who have experience working with children and adults, who have had the responsibility for motivating individuals and guiding their behavior.

If you have experience in martial arts, an enthusiastic attitude & enjoy working with youth, please apply for this position!

Part-Time and/or Full-Time positions available.

All martial arts styles/systems are welcome to apply.

– 18 years of age or older
– Black Belt and 1-2 years as an Instructor
– Reliable transportation
– Valid driver’s license
– Auto Insurance kept current
– Strong interpersonal skills
– Retail/sales experience is a plus

– Background check and drug testing will be required


Specific Location:
Dover, NH
How To Apply: 
Please send your resume to by 10/31/15.

Since 1987, Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy has taught children, teens, and adults solid martial arts skills, physical fitness, and life skills. Our goal is to enhance self-esteem, build self-confidence, foster positive socialization and promote physical fitness.