Women’s Self Defense Class

Beast2Ladies, are you ready to Face the Beast?

In this Women’s Self Defense class you will learn quick and easy techniques to keep yourself safe in the event of an attack. After learning a series of very powerful techniques, you will have the opportunity to ‘face the Beast’ – an attacker dressed in a fully padded suit of armor. Here you can put your training to the test and see what you are really made of. Most women say this is the most empowering class they have ever taken and facing the Beast gives them a feeling of confidence like nothing else.



According to RAINN – Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network:

  • Every 107 seconds, another sexual assault occurs
  • There is an average of 293,000 instances (victims age 12 or older) of sexual assault each year
  • 68% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police
  • 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail

Ladies, bring your friends, family, and daughters over 12 to this very important class.

If you need a preview to work up the courage to attend, that is perfectly understandable. Many women do. It helps them to mentally prepare and get excited about the class.

Check out this video – https://youtu.be/D1VxYyd5PMg

Sign up now! You will feel much more secure and confident after, I guarantee it.

Master Instructor Matt Randall

6th Degree Black Belt and World Champion

Morning Classes Start July 6th

What could be better than starting your day off with a good workout?

Stop thinking so hard, the answer is ‘nothing’, and you know it.

New morning classes begin right after the 4th of July.


NEW! Morning Traditional Martial Arts for all ages.

Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am.

Begins Monday July 6, 2015

Summer Special – $149 for all of July/August (new students only)


NEW! Morning Kickboxing for Teens and Adults

Real kickboxing skills and drills, with real gloves, real pads, real hitting action.  This is not your gym’s aerobic kickboxing class.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am

Begins Tuesday July 7, 2015

Summer Special – $149 for all of July/August (new students only)

Why not do both?  For just $249, you can join our Total Transformation Program for the summer and have your pick of both morning classes plus evening classes.


8 Week Total Transformation

What do you get when you combine Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Life Coaching, a Nutrition Plan, and Skin Care?

Ytotal-transformationou get a whole new you in just 60 days – Inside and Out!

Experience the Total Transformation Program at Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy.

Download the Flyer – Total Transformation – Please post where you can.

Here’s how it works:

  • Group Classes
    • All Classes Taught by 6th Degree Master Instructor and World Champion Matt Randall
    • Martial Arts – A tough workout focused on personal self-defense
      • Mon/Wed – 9am
      • Tues/Thurs – 530pm
    • Kickboxing – A killer workout with real kickboxing skills and drills
      • Mon/Wed – 6pm
      • Tues/Thurs – 9am
    • Life Coaching
      • Personal Coaching by Certified Life Coach Kaz Randall
      • Each participant gets 30 minutes of private life coaching a week to stay on track with your goals – for fitness, life, work, and family.
      • Coaching may be in person, by phone, or video chat for your convenience.
    • Nutrition Plan
      • A sensible and balanced nutrition plan is available for all participants.
      • No crazy restrictions or starvation plans.
    • Skin Care Consultation
      • So you look your best on the outside, too.

8-Week Total Transformation Program

Start Date:      Monday, July 6, 2015

End Date:       Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fitness Challenge!

Take the Fitness Challenge by having your before and after photos taken.

An independent panel will judge the overall best transformations.

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded by Saturday, August 29, 2015.

How to Register

Visit www.mrbba.com and go to the EVENTS tab.

Fee:     $249 for as many classes as you can handle

Early Bird Discount: Save $50 – register by Tuesday, June 30, 2015 – just $199!

Special Notes:

Personal fitness training is also available – Ask for details.

Don’t keep this a secret – Ask your friends to join you.

Enroll as a group of 4 and everyone gets the early bird discount plus $50 each in free skin care products – Call for this special group discount

Congratulations New Black Belts!

Congratulations to Mr. Kyle Berube, 15, for graduating to his 1st Degree Black Belt and Master Katie Tiberghein, 35, for graduating to her 5th Degree Black Belt.


Both did an extraordinary job during their final exam and the judges were quite pleased with their performances.

A really big THANKS to the judges, mentors, family members, training partners, and instructors who helped them reach this new level in their training.  It does take a whole village to raise a black belt.

Mr. Berube created a nice video about his journey to black belt and a beautiful thank you letter, 2015-Berube-Thanks .

Master Tibs wrote a very nice thesis, 2015-Tibs-Barriers in the Journey through the Martial Arts, about the obstacles students face in their goals to continue training and reach black belt.

Check out our new page BLACK BELT FAMILY TREE to see a listing of who has graduated to this prestigious rank over the years.

Morning Classes Coming Soon

MORNING-EXERCISEI am working on creating a morning class schedule for both MARTIAL ARTS and FITNESS KICKBOXING classes.  These will start right after the 4th of July.  And, yes, I am keeping my evening classes.

The questions, of course, are:

  • Who is interested?
  • Which days and times work best for you?

Please comment to this blog post to keep it all in the same place.

Looking forward to working out with you.

Master Randall

Large Scale Video Conferencing

Picture this…you have a large group.  They could be coworkers on your team, your sales staff, your new trainees, your upline or downline in MLM, your church group, your committee, etc.  Your HQ is San Fransisco, or your mentor is in Chicago, or your trainer is in Miami.  Conference calls are less than satisfying.  Go To Meetings and webinars lack that personal touch.  It just doesn’t have the same energy when everyone is home on their laptop, in their pajamas, listening to a speaker ramble on.  Considering that most people in sales are visual/kinesthetic learners, listening to a group phone call doesn’t have the excitement, energy, or retention as a live presentation.

What if…you could gather 10, 20, or 50 people in a room and interact LIVE with your speaker, just like you were in the same room?  It would have the same energy as a being there without the expense.  No airfare.  No hotel fees.

 At Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy, we have a 4×8 foot screen with a projector, camera, microphone, and awesome speaker system.  We have the capability to video conference through Skype and other mediums with anyone you want. You can have a group of 50 sales staff conference the home office or upline mentor in Texas just like being there.

Think of the possibilities!  How would if feel if your yoga class could train live with your yogi in India, or your medical staff could group conference live with doctors in England.  What if your whole family could group video chat with Grandma in North Dakota, on the big screen?

The possibilities are endless.  For more information and to see how it works, contact Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy at 603-743-6500.