Combat TaeKwonDo Seminar


Did your instructor ever use the phrase, “Every block is a strike”?

And, you believed it, but really didn’t understand?

Did he or she tell you the blocks in TaeKwonDo prepare the way they do to maximize power?

And, then you wondered, “If someone is punching at me and I have to prepare before I block, how will I ever have time to stop the punch?”


Have you ever asked yourself:

“Why do I practice fancy blocking preparation for self-defense, but I have no time to use it when I spar?”

“Why do I practice one-step self-defense moving backwards, but all the blocks in my forms move forward?”

“Why does it always seem that my distance is off when I practice one-steps?”

“Why do all the hand techniques in TaeKwonDo have a twist?”

The answer to most of these questions is that you have been practicing at the beginner level and the real meaning to how and why you do what you do in TaeKwonDo has been kept secret from you…until now!

  1. Read the rest of the story.
  2. Sign up for the seminar.
  3. Be prepared to look at your training in a whole new way…without changing your technique.


The techniques taught in the seminar are battlefield proven and contain devastating moves designed to be deadly. This is not ‘nice’ self-defense – this is WAR!


Date:                        Friday, May 22, 2015

Time:                       6:00pm – 8:00pm

Instructor:              6th Dan Senior Master Matt Randall

Location:              Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy

Address:               4 Broadway, Dover, NH 03820

Contact:                 603-743-6500

Level:                      Intermediate ranks and above, ages 10+, all fitness levels

Format:                 Limited lecture, mostly hands-on practice, a good workout

Dress Code:         Dress uniform or workout attire


NamTaeHi_1958Most of the world thinks of TaeKwonDo as a kicking art because of its amazing record of tournament competition and board breaking power. What most people overlook is the hand skills inherent in the art. For many, the hundreds of odd hand techniques demonstrated in the traditional forms are just art. But, what if they were actually practical combat skills, proven in battle?

If you are not familiar with the history of TaeKwonDo, it is a combined art incorporating primarily Korean and Japanese techniques. TKD was designed in the mid-1900’s, from the ground up, to be taught to the Korean military and has been proven in modern battlefield application. Unlike the arts of the Samurai and others, which are excellent arts BTW, TaeKwonDo does not rely on technique that is hundreds of years old using weapons and movements that were developed during feudal periods in history, but rather uses modern scientific theory and constant experimentation. It is an art that is always changing and developing.


Having said that, all the basic techniques in TaeKwonDo have been carefully recorded, photographed, and detailed in a 15-volume encyclopedia set that is probably the most comprehensive of any martial art system. The problem here is that while many students believe the encyclopedia to be the definitive study of the art, it was actually written for beginner students to learn the basics. Beginners in TKD are typically considered white belt through 3rd Dan. Therefore, the techniques are only described at the basic level and the true original battlefield applications have been left out to protect beginner students from using them inappropriately. This is often the case with many martial arts systems that save the ‘hidden secrets’ of the art for only a select group of top students. The problem with this approach is that sometimes the masters die before passing on all the secrets and they become lost to future generations.

Master Randall has been studying the art of TaeKwonDo for over 34 years with many instructors and has unlocked the original deadly aspects of the art used in real modern military combat. For many years he thought, like most TKD students, that the encyclopedia was the Bible of TKD and there was nothing more. Now, his eyes have been opened to a whole new interpretation and he is ready to pass on this knowledge so that future generations of students will have a better understanding of the moves they practice in their traditional forms.

In this seminar, Master Randall will point out where the founders of TKD have borrowed technique from other arts and changed them to create an original Korean twist to the techniques. He will explain how the TaeKwonDo Encyclopedia is only a beginner’s reference and how the application of hand technique in the series needs to be looked at ‘backwards’ to find the true applications…without changing the technique.

Be warned! This seminar will be controversial in some regards. For instance, Master Randall firmly believes that way TKD has adopted and changed techniques from other arts is an improvement. He also believes that the application of hand technique, as it is described in the encyclopedia, is often wrong or misleading, and that one-step self-defense is taught incorrectly. That’s right, you are learning the proper techniques, just using them incorrectly. It’s not your fault or your instructor’s, just knowledge that has been lost…until now.

Whether you are a traditional ITF student or from another art looking to compare systems and learn some new moves, this seminar will inspire you to look at your basic hand technique in a whole new light.


Private Lessons Available

For years people have been asking me to teach private lessons and I have resisted because of other commitments.

Now, I have carved out some time and I’m offering private lessons.

These are a great opportunity to work on your specific needs and goals.

Whether it’s perfecting your traditional skills, learning new arts, getting in shape, or specific self-defense concerns, I’m ready to help you meet your goals.


Call my office for more information about availability at 603-743-6500.

Yard Sale – Saturday, May 2nd

Yes, we are doing it again…only this time with more families jumping in.

Join us this Saturday after 9am in the parking lot of Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy for more great deals as we clean out our basements and attics.  You never know what treasures you may find.

There is still space for more families to add tables to the sale.  The more the merrier!

And…share this with your friends!!!

Yard Sale – Saturday, April 17th!

It’s yard sale day from 9am-2pm today!

Join us for fun and good deals in the parking lot of Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy.

Lot’s of good stuff must go – martial arts equipment, Wavemaster bags, kicking shields, office supplies, electronics, and much more.

There will be a bouncy house for the kids.

If you want to bring a table, there should be plenty of space.

Stop by to see all the fun and good deals.

Prime Commercial Space for Lease

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BBA1Commercial Space for Rent

Location: Downtown Dover, NH
Address: 4 Broadway, Dover, NH 03820
Owner: Dover Drug Co. Inc.
Space: +/- 3,500 sqft
Rent: Negotiable

Current Amenities:
2 restrooms
1 office
2 conference rooms
4 changing stalls
1 Open floor space 2000 sqft
Dedicated parking lot
Handicap ramp/entrance

Usage/Zoning: This space is zoned commercial. It is currently being used for martial arts and fitness instruction, but is also perfect for retail, office, or other professional use. Landlord would consider restaurant or other use.

History: Located in the Kennedy Building on the corner of Central Ave and Broadway, this historic building sits on one of the busiest intersections in Dover. Formerly the home of Dover Drug, Brooks Pharmacy, and now Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy, this building has been a landmark in Dover since the 1920’s. With excellent visibility, signage, and private parking for 35 vehicles, this location is highly desirable.

The current tenant, Matt Randall of Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy, is also the building manager. He is retiring from full-time martial arts school ownership, but the space will remain in use and maintained until rented by a new tenant. The space is in impeccable condition and the tenant is willing to negotiate for the sale of any current fixtures or furnishings.

For more information, or to schedule a visit, call our office at 603-743-6500.

Discipline – To Obey What Is Right!


Discipline, according to…

1. training to act in accordance with rules; drill: military discipline.
2. activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill;training: “A daily stint at the typewriter is excellent discipline for a writer.”
3. punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.
4. the rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc.: “the harsh discipline of poverty.”
5. behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control: “good discipline in an army.”
6. a set or system of rules and regulations.

This semester is all about DISCIPLINE and SELF-DISCIPLINE.
Part of developing good self-discipline is to make sure you attend class regularly.
Another part is doing your best when you are there.
And, still another is paying close attention to your instructor and following directions.
And, maybe the most important aspect of self-discipline is keeping your commitments and promises.
Sounds simple, but like many other things, it is much harder in practice.
Let’s all make a commitment to ourselves, inside and outside our academy, to focus on these 3 principles of self-discipline:
1. Commit to showing up for everything 15 minutes early – classes, work, appointments, etc.
2. Commit to working at a level 10 in everything you do – work, school, chores, your relationships, parenting, being a good kid, etc.
3. Commit to giving people your full attention – eye contact, facial expression, good listening skills, practice opening your ears more and closing your mouth more, etc.
Just imagine a world where people are more punctual, hard working, and listen to others with greater interest and intensity.  It starts with us, as future black belt leaders, setting the example.  You can change the world with your example, if you make it infectious.
STUDENTS – check your email for a copy of next semester’s new curriculum.
~ KwanJang-Nim

2015 Jan/Feb Semester


Dear Students,

I hope your holidays were fun and full of family festivities.  2014 was a fantastic year and we look forward to an even better 2015.

We do have class this Tuesday, 12/30/14, and our staff is cooking up some extra special fun holiday workouts for you to celebrate the last class of 2014.  Read below for details about the weekend.  This would be a great time to work off all those holiday calories!

The 2015 Jan/Feb Semester curriculum is ready for you to download and post on your fridge.

Class Schedule 2015-Semester 1

This semester we feature the life skill of HONESTY – “The first key to an abundant life“.  More about this important topic will be announced in classes.

In the attached semester curriculum, you will find notes about…

  • Important dates, closings, and holidays
  • Required equipment for classes
  • Testing requirements and graduation date

VERY IMPORTANT!  Test registration is absolutely due by Sunday, February 9th so that we can order belts properly.  Use this link to get to the test registration or go to the calendar in our student portal and search for the ‘event’ TEST REGISTRATION on 2/19/15.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT! Our staff is always ready and eager to teach, but whether we have a class on Saturday, January 3rd (given that it is a holiday weekend) is all up to you.  How will we know?  Go to the calendar on our student portal and register for the correct class if you plan to attend before Friday, January 2nd at 6pm.  It’s very easy and free, but if we don’t have enough students to host the classes that day, then our staff will get the day off (Boo!).  We will call those who have registered if anything changes, but if you aren’t, then don’t blame us if you show up at the last minute to find the door locked.  Future black belt leaders exercise discipline by planning ahead and following directions.

Happy New Year to All!