2016 Semester 5 – Sep/Oct

Congratulations to our students who graduated this semester!orange-and-red-autumn-forest


  • We have 2 students preparing to test for First Degree Black Belts in December; Mrs. Esposito and Mr. Auden Finstad.
  • Mark you calendars for December 9, Black Belt Test and December 14 Graduation.
  • Black Belt graduation is always a good show and an event you want to bring friends to see.
  • For those students who are red belt and up, it would be a very good idea for you to watch the testing on Friday, December 9th at 5pm.


Our new semester begins Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 and ends Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 with testing and graduation.

Vacation Week will follow with classes resuming November 7th.

  • Life Skills Topics – Use of Force Continuum

  • Reading Material – LIM lesson12

  • Kicks – Turning Kick and Back Kick

  • Hand Techniques – Backfist Strikes

  • Self-Defense – Punch

  • Black Belt Self-Defense – Club (Impact Weapon)


2016 Semester 4 – July/August

Welcome to the Summer semester!

summerIN THE NEWS…

  • We have 2 students preparing to test for First  Degree Black Belts in December.
  • Looking to add just 3 new students in our group class. Do you have a friend or family member who would like to join you in class?


Our new semester begins Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 and ends Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 with testing and graduation.

Vacation Week will be August 25 through Labor Day with classes resuming September 7th.

  • Life Skills Topics – TKD Theory of Power
  • Reading Material – LIM lesson11
  • Kicks – Crescent Kick and Reverse Crescent Kick
  • Hand Techniques – Knife Hand Strikes
  • Self-Defense – Bear Hugs
  • Black Belt Self-Defense – Knives (Bladed Weapons)


Save the date – Wednesday, December 14th at 5:30pm.

Black Belt graduation is always a good show and an event you want to bring friends to see.

For those students who are red belt and up, it would be a very good idea for you to watch the testing on Friday, December 9th at 5pm.

Black Belt Graduation June 2016

June 8, 2016 – Congratulations to Mr. Gabriel Wilber (front left) for earning his Second Degree Black Belt. Congratulations to Ms. Gabriella Whisnant (front right) and Mr. Meyer Randall (front center) for earning their First Degree Black Belts. All did an excellent job on their tests and we are so proud of their achievements.


Shameless proud Daddy moment…


Remembering Jake Carter

We are all very saddened by the news of losing another Black Belt from our academy. Jake Carter was a terrific student with an adventurous spirit. He was known for his crazy acrobatic stunts and great sense of humor. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace.

For more information, check the obituary in Fosters.


Mr. Carter is in the back row, third from the left.

Outstanding in our field

The spring rains seem to have subsided and the weather is getting warmer. Time for some outdoor training.

This evening, Monday the 16th, will be our first outdoor class of the season and I’m so excited. The obstacle course got an upgrade this weekend with the addition of a chin-up station and kid’s rope climb. The adult rope climb will be a few more weeks in the making.

Can’t wait for everyone to give the whole course a try.

Class is 530pm. Dress warm and wear your running shoes.



First Degree Black Belt Test-Gabriella Whisnant

This June 2016, Gabriella Whisnant will be testing for her First Degree Black Belt. As part of the testing requirements, she must submit a letter of thanks and a short video. She is among a small group testing this summer. Those who pass will demonstrate a sample of their skills at the graduation on Wednesday, June 8th at 530pm. Everyone is invited to help us celebrate.

Thank You

The people I would like to thank for helping me on my journey to my black belt is my parents, my grandparents, Mr.Wilber, Mrs.Esposito, Mr.Dobson, Mr.Walaga, Mr.P and Master Randall. To start off I would like to thank my parents for being my biggest fans and supporters, by going to all of my tournaments, helping me get to every class, and giving me strategies to help me improve. I would also like to thank them for giving me the privilege to be a part of MRBBA. I would also like to thank my grandparents for being there for me when I needed somebody to help get me to class, and for support. I am also thankful for them because they went to all of my tournaments and graduations. They gave me the opportunity to be apart of the MRBBA as well. I would especially like to thank Mr.Wilber and Mrs.Esposito for mentoring me the first time, and guiding me down the right path to get my black belt. They took the time to help me and give me advice about how to become a better martial artist. They also helped me be more confident in my training, and in all of my reviews. I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr.Dobson, for for being my mentor this time around, and teaching me a lot of what I know, things like having snap, power, concentration, and a lot of basics that have helped me. He also helped me a lot outside of class with my forms, and giving me guidance on how to perfect things, but still have room for improvement. Also Mr.Walaga helped me learn a lot of the same things, like basic hand movements, kicks, and blocks. He gave me advice about power and being focused can always help in sparring. Other things like during sparring be fast and have power but also control. Also, he taught me a lot about leadership. Having leadership doesn’t mean to boss people around, but take control and and lead by example. Mr.P was also a big part of my training because he taught me a lot about breath control. When you are kicking, defending, or even during sparring, you always want to keep a stable breath by letting out a yell. He also taught me that you want to have balance. When you kick or punch, you don’t just stand up straight, you want to have a good guarding stance, and when you kick or punch, you shift your weight. Mr.P also gave me and everybody else a chance to be a leader. Master Randall has helped me in a lot of ways. He taught me during sparring if you don’t keep your guard up then you will get hit. He taught me that you have to keep a safe distance between you and your partner so neither one of us gets hurt. He also taught us during sparring, or any activities to remember it’s a game it’s not real. Master Randall also taught me that if somebody is actually trying to hurt you, that you have to first identify what kind of situation you are in, then do what you can to get out of it. All of these pointers, tips, and basic moves have helped me get to where I am now. I would like to thank everybody for helping me get here and giving me a chance to get from white belt to my black belt.